Ransom! (1956)

1950s crimes films carry their own brand of nostalgia and an emphasis on turning almost anything into a cautionary tale. Ransom! does away with overacted caution to focus on a real thing: kidnapping. It’s hard to make the abduction of someone’s child more terrifying than it is, and director Alex Segal turns an episode of…


The Lake Update for April 2015

  My apologies for this coming a week into April. With all the chaos involved in TCMFF this year, and getting my coverage out in a timely manner, I completely forgot about the TCM Top 10, Lake Update, and Hall of Fame. Look for those to be up in the coming days. Speaking of TCMFF,…


Honeymoon (1947)

Shirley Temple’s career wasn’t purely delineated into “child” and “adult,” but the latter was subdivided into “teenager” and “young adult” which made certain movies ill-defined. Temple’s return to the screen certainly had some underrated gems – The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) and Kathleen (1941) being two – but, for the most part, Temple just…

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TCM Film Festival – Day Four

You can tell the festival is coming to a close when people are deciding whether sleep is more important than screenings. In this case, walking 30 minutes from our hotel to Hollywood Blvd and back sapped our spirits, so we slept in today. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get anything. You could say, we saved…


TCM Classic Film Festival – Day Two

If you thought Thursday was intense, to quote Al Jolson, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Friday revolved around watching Christopher Plummer immortalize his hand and footprints in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. After that, it was all about panels before going to a double feature I definitely didn’t pick out. Let’s see how Friday went!