6 comments on “Out of the Past (1947)

  1. I don’t know if I can narrow down a film to my all-time favorite, but if I could, it would likely be this one.

  2. What do you think about Drew Barrymore as the new co-host of The Essentials with Robert Osborne? I really liked Alec Baldwin, but I know they were repeating his appearances while RO was out. TCM is always on at my house!!

    • I swear, I don’t check their website once and everything changes! I’d have to see her taking it on to really judge but on first glance I’d say…that’s odd. I mean Baldwin wasn’t who I’d think was a film historian but the way he discussed the films, I truly believe he had a lot of knowledge. Here, it just seems like their cashing in because of Barrymore’s Hollywood legacy. I’ll have to find a film on their schedule and see her discuss but I’m sad Baldwin’s gone but Bob Osborne is King so I won’t be too sad. They really need to bring Bill Hader back to do something (his Essentials Jr. intros were great) or Ben Mankiewicz needs to do more!

  3. Definitely a favorite Noir. If you haven’t seen The Killers, with Burt Lancaster, it is of the same high calibre, you may want to catch that one next. Ditto what you said about TCM Essentials with Robert Osborne.

    • I added The Killers to the Listener Request list so look for it in the future, thanks for the recommend! Yeah, I haven’t gotten out to watching the Essentials with our new co-host (although they’re planning on doing Sullivan’s Travels soon so I might check it out)

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