31 comments on “Gone Too Soon Blogathon 2012: Maggie McNamara

  1. I watched this very carming film for the first time a couple of months ago. I’m sorry to learn that her life had such a sad ending..

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  3. Hi, and thanks for stopping by and reading my Montgomery Clift post.

    I am a mega-huge William Holden fan (he’s one of my two #1 guys!!), so I have seen THE MOON IS BLUE a couple of times. He and Miss McNamara were really fun together in that film.

    How sad that she committed suicide. So many of our beloved stars really had tortured lives off-screen.

    • William Holden is a God…especially in The Moon is Blue where he’s all flirtation. Between that and Sabrina, no woman was safe. It’s definitely sad and even sadder that she’s kind of a footnote in the world of cinema, there’s not even any information on what happened after her career ended. Thanks for reading!

  4. Wow, I knew nothing about Maggie. I watched Three Coins in the Fountain recently with my grandmother and she thought Maggie was still alive. I´ve done a quick research and discovered that she wasn´t, but her romantic pair, Louis Jordan, is, aged 90. Thanks for the information you gave! I also loved your posts about Jean Harlow.
    In the blogathon, I´ve written about Olive Thomas.

    • I need to watch Three Coins in a Fountain, I feel bad that I haven’t seen it. Louis Jordan is 90?! Wow, I’m not a huge fan of his work but didn’t know he ws that old. I checked out your Olive Thomas post, excellent! Thanks for reading!

  5. Oh I have seen both those films and absolutely LOVED her in The Moon! It would be a role you would find Audrey or Debbie in, but she held her own. What a shame there isn’t more about her…a real mystery as to why she didn’t make more films.

  6. The great thing about this blogathon is that it’s introduced me to a lot of actors and actresses I didn’t really know much (if anything) about and this is one of them. I really liked Maggie in that Twilight Zone episode she did and I’ve only seen parts of Moon is Blue, but had no idea she had died so young.

    • Same here, and the care and extra mile the other participants take (with video and pictures) makes me feel a bit lacking lol. Although considering there’s such little info on Maggie any writer can’t do her justice. Excellent post on Valentino by the way!

  7. I’m glad you picked an actress that isn’t written about. As others have, I’ve seen The Moons Blue but her other performances don’t ring a bell with me sadly.

    I can actually see the likeness to Audrey. Both cute as a button!

    Thanks for doing such a nice tribute to her. Hearing that another actress fell to suicide is always heartbreaking. A tough business and even tougher back then.

    I’m glad I was introduced to your blog as well.

    • Thanks so much for checking out the blog! Yeah I haven’t seen Maggie’s other performances (although Three Coins in a Fountain is available on Netflix Instant so it’s on my queue). The ones who have been lost to suicide are always the saddest it seems, especially since it’s proof that fame doesn’t equate to happiness!

  8. I have seen Three Coins in a Fountain–one of those 1950s movies with great location work, great 1950s fashions, and a melodramatic approach to love and romance. Also, I like the gimmick of the fountain, which ties the narrative to the locale, making it essential to the plot instead of just a pretty back drop.

  9. This was a very nice tribute to Maggie! I did see Three Coins in the Fountain many years ago but can’t say that I remembered her name from it. I enjoyed the movie so I may just have to watch it again and pay special attention to her performance. My library has her Twilight Zone episode so I’ll have to check that out, too!

  10. Just watched “The Moon is Blue” and really enjoyed it.I recognized Maggie,my favorite
    Movie when I was a teen was “Three Coins in the Fountain”.
    I kept thinking of Audrey Hepburn while I was watching “Moon” interesting to see others
    made the same comparison.As for William Holden,loved him!

    • I still have to watch Three Coins in a Fountain! Maggie definitely was poised to be a more serious Audrey Hepburn, there’s just too many similarities in appearance and roles for that to be an accident. It’s sad to see she didn’t get the chance to be a bigger star. As for Holden, well he’s fantastic in everything. Thanks for reading!

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