9 comments on “Top 10 Favorite Movies of the 1930s

  1. The 30s may be my most neglected decade. I have only seen a few from your list, but I am glad that M made the cut. Are you a Chaplin fan at all? City Lights and Modern Times both impressed me quite a bit.

    • The 30s was hard for me as I didn’t realize how little I’d seen, definitely need to revisit the decade again! I can’t say with certainly if I’m a Chaplin fan as I saw parts of Modern Times in high school (I’m sure that makes me a bad film fan/writer). He’s definitely an actor I want to look into soon.

      • Nah, you’re not a bad film fan at all. I didn’t see my first Chaplin film until last year. I highly recommend starting with City Lights — still the best I have seen from him, and one of the rare movies I would easily give a 10/10 to.

  2. I need to see M definitely, and City Lights…
    Question: I can get down with the old movies once in awhile but sometimes they can kinda be a chore, even the good ones. Is M literally good by even the today’s standards? Like is it good compared to Billy Madison?
    An example of an old movie that’s better than Billy Madison is Night of the Living Dead, but that’s from the 60’s or something… I’m skeptical about the 30’s. M sounds pretty sweet though.

    • Certain classic films definitely don’t stand the test of time (I personally can’t stand Gone with the Wind). M is definitely a great movie as its in the vein of a mystery/vigilante movie. I’d say it’s good by today’s standards but then again…there are people who say Billy Madison shouldn’t qualify as entertainment and I tell them their idiots (O’Doul rules!). Night of the Living Dead is definitely fantastic and technically classic film is generally any movie pre-1970 although that definition changes with each generation (my little brother says 90s movies are “old”). M is far better than I expected if that says anything!

  3. Nice list. My personal top 10:

    1. Limite
    2. The Wizard of Oz
    3. 42nd Street
    4. Holiday
    5. Liebelei
    6. The Lady Vanishes
    7. Gold Diggers of 1933
    8. All Quiet on the Western Front
    9. One Hour With You
    10. Dames

    • That’s a fantastic list with a lot of movies I have on my Netflix. 42nd Street, Holiday, Gold Diggers of 1933, and The Lady Vanishes are movies I’ve been interested in checking out. Thanks for reading!!

    • Haha, I must say I’ve only seen one film from each actor so far (Cagney in The Public Enemy and Robinson in Double Indemnity). I’m open to recommendations though!

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