11 comments on “Cinematic World Tour Blogathon: Westworld (1973)

    • Oh sexism! I seem to find it in everything since I took a Women in Film class but again, I think a lot of that plays into the movie’s Vietnam connections I mentioned. Thanks for reading, the movie is worth it regardless!

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  2. Very pleasant review, and I think I agree with your assessment, the movie is a little uneven. I’ve always wondered why this hasn’t been remade.

    • Oooh I could get behind a Westworld remake. If anything I’ve heard that the Disneyland teen book series The Kingdom Keepers which is like a tween-Westworld is getting the film treatment…that sounds interesting.

  3. Hi Kirsten, I apologize for commenting on your post after such a long time, but it certainly was worth the wait. I’ve never seen “Westworld”, but I’m fascinated by the creative visions of vacations that both you and Rich have hit on (Japan in Mothra). I should start by saying I’m really impressed with your “man behind the curtain” gif: how did you manage to make his hand move without any movement in the rest of his body? I can’t really comment on your intriguing observation regarding the Vietnam era sensibilities. I think a comparison to “Logan’s Run” might be fair, in that the men seem to be the ones “availing” themselves of the sex-bots (perhaps the films share a similar thematic philosophy?). If I could suggest a somewhat practical (if not plausible) explanation for the “un-British” accents of Medieval world: a British accent would not have been enough. The characters would have had to converse in Medieval English (in the vein of Chaucer), and this would have been too much to ask of an audience of non-lit majors. Thanks for introducing me to a really fun sounding film; I’ll keep it in mind for my next cinematic vacation.

    • No problem, I still get comments from reviews I wrote when I started this blog six months ago so you’re remarkably early! The gif I actually got from a great Tumblr site (and clicking the pic takes you to the site in question). Funny you bring up “Logan’s Run” as I have that in the pipeline soon and I’ll definitely have to do a comparison between it and Westworld, thanks for the idea! Good point about the accents, I never thought if they had the accent I’d just gripe about dialect (and Chaucher…if I never have to hear that dialect I’ll be happy)! Thanks so much for reading and giving me some more food for thought!

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