12 comments on “Cinderella (1914)

  1. I have not seen this version of Cinderella. Although.. I’ m sure Mary Pickford would make a believable, Cinderella with her wonderful personality. Thank you for posting the movie, I will check it out later..

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cinderella. I know how disappointed you were about The Little Princess. Hopefully you’ll be able to see that someday soon! I love the footman tickling scene so much. This is such a subdued role for Mary, but the way she adds amusing moments like that, and the mouse scene give it great energy. Of course, the fake noses help too. Did the soundtrack kind of drive you crazy though? Sometimes I liked it, but the vocals were a bit cheesy. It was too modern. Great post. Thanks for contributing!

    • The hymn like part was probably the most grating because it was so ridiculous in the context of the film, gotta love silent scores applied to these films later on. I’m definitely going to try to hunt down that DVD, it’s become an obsession! Thanks for inspiring me to see this!

      • If you guys want to hear a really bizarre Pickford soundtrack, you need to get ahold of the Little Annie Rooney DVD. It contains a soundtrack that was meant for another film and even has some guy snoring in the background and jingle bells playing during a traumatic moment. I also liked how in this version of Cinderella, you encounter the “fairy godmother” at the beginning of the film as a beggar woman. That was definitely not in the disney version of the story.

      • As mentioned, you gotta love how careless some people are with these soundtracks. I once watched Birth of a Nation with a soundtrack that included Pomp and Circumstance. I didn’t know what was more painful, the film or the song! I definitely enjoyed the fairy godmother testing the group, it was reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version).

  3. You are so right about her films being sadly neglected. But no matter what the state of the film, Mary’s brilliance shines through. Maybe the new biopic in the works will spark renewed interest in her. Thanks for a lovely post.

    • I’m definitely excited for the biopic, I’m hoping it’s as good as Chaplin. Yeah I felt Cinderella being so early in her career is the worst in terms of quality of the film stock, here’s hoping some studio decides to do a proper restoration of it. Thanks for reading!

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  5. There certainly wasn’t a more enchanting, likable Cinderella for me than Mary Pickford! i haven’t seen this film for quite some time and hopefully i’ll get to see it again one day.

    I’m such a fan of her early silents and this review was such a fun read. Very enjoyable and a fine contribution to the Blogathon.

  6. I love Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast and Sleeping Beauty. She could sleep away their separation & save you the wtiirng LOL. I do not want to be a party pooper, but there’s a book coming out shortly with the same title by Luann Mclane.Just in case that matters although it would not matter to me as a reader.

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