9 comments on “Desk Set (1957)

  1. This is by far my favorite of the Hepburn/Tracy film cycle and I wrote my undergraduate thesis about it, so I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I find that it really shows off the intellectual angle of Hepburn’s persona (which you did point out) and I find it immensely funny – quirky, like you said. I also think that it is a heartwarming Christmas story because the relationship between the women in the department is really at the center of the film, rather than the romantic relationship. And I think that the relationship between Sumner and Bunny is made plausible by the alternative as represented by Mike Cutler, who is CLEARLY not the right man for her.Audiences of the time would have had an intuitive assumption that the Hepburn and Tracy characters should be together, so the film didn’t need to be overly heavy-handed in that romance. I believe you’ve read my post about “Communities of Women” and in the last paragraph I mention DESK SET. One of these days I’ll get around to writing a full post about this movie in particular, and maybe I’ll be able to change your mind! Thank you for your post!


  2. I work in the computer industry so it was amusing (in a silly way) for how the computerization was presented in the film, even for the time the movie was made. I’m pretty much used to it, though. The point of the scenes were to reassure audiences that humans were far better at doing things than computers (hence the inevitable failure scene). The truth is – computers only do what humans tell them to do. It’s just that humans are often not clear on what they want themselves or how to go about getting it.

    • The computer sequences were hilarious to say the least. And while computers are controlled by humans I think a few too many sci-fi movies are alluding that computers could totally raise up on us someday lol.

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  4. Must say I really liked this film and thought Tracy and Hepburn were very warm together – the office atmosphere rings true to me (I’ve worked in one for years) and I love the scenes with that huge early computer and the eerie way it foretells the internet by answering questions. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it so much but I still enjoyed your piece.

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