18 comments on “My Top 5 Favorite Billy Wilder Movies

  1. A great list. One of my all-time favorite directors. I’m also a big fan of Double Indemnity, but I have to say The Apartment is my favorite. I’ve seen it often enough to quote great chunks of it and for Katie-Bar-The-Door and I, the phrases “So you hit the jackpot, Kubelik-wise” and “Stay with it, Buddy boy!” are part of our vocabulary.

    • Double Indemnity and Seven Year Itch were definitely tied for sixth, I almost considered throwing them in there as honorable mentions. What’s interesting is that Wilder’s dialogue seems to permeate the pop culture, specifically Sunset Blvd. I think that’s the mark of any good director/writer when their lines are able to be used in everyday conversation. Thanks for reading!

      • It says a lot about a filmmaker if you consider DOUBLE INDEMNITY (a classic) to be their SIXTH best. Great film. Great director. SUNSET BOULEVARD is very beautifully-disturbing. It’s hard to get some of that imagery out of your mind.

  2. Great list! I love Wilder and have yet to see a bad film from him. For me, my personal favorite is a tossup between Sunset Blvd and The Apartment.

    By the way, you may want to take a look at my latest blog post. I think you will enjoy it. ;)

    • Haha, yeah there were one or two I haven’t seen in a long time I wouldn’t have felt comfortable ranking (specifically Love in the Afternoon as I haven’t seen that in years) that’s why I ranked on rewatchability. Thanks for reading!

  3. Interesting that I was just at Eric’s blog and he added Mr. Wilder back into the race. I promise you I’d see one of these by end of year, starting with The Apartment :)

  4. An interesting list of films from an amazing director. Who can ever forget Norma Desmond uttering those famous lines at the end of Sunset boulevard. An excellent post.

  5. Wel My top favorite Wilder films are: 1) “Some Like It Hot”; 2) “Sunset Boulevard”; 3) “Double Indemnity”; 4) “The Apartment”; and 5) “Stalag 17″.

  6. Yes, great list. I cannot argue with this list but he made so many. As a Marilyn Monroe fan (I had a teenage crush on her even though she’d long passed away) I thought The Seven Year Itch was funnier than Some Like It Hot and I would have found room for “The Lost Weekend” but it’s very subjective.

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