11 comments on “The Three Faces of Eve (1957)

  1. I haven’t seen this film, but it looks like a fascinating feminist study. The name Eve is so indicative of the supposed two-facedness of women – one inherently pure and innocent, the other equally inherently sexual and manipulative. If the resolution is a sort of non-person, as the name Jane would suggest, then the female issue is resolved with a void! Thank you for putting me on to this movie!

  2. So what? That’s a cavalier attitude to have regarding therapy that has destroyed thousands of lives because it is based on false theories.

    Names for personalities are chosen deliberately so they can be further developed and further draw vulnerable patients deeper into therapy for a condition that is bogus.

    • But I’m talking about the film. The names of characters in a film are deliberately chosen. I’m saying that it is very significant that the writers/creators of this film chose to name a woman with a split personality “Eve”, the generic name (in all literature, history, and in the common psyche of Christian-based society) for woman. In looking at how woman, and so-called female or feminine personality, is represented in film, the way this movie is set up is significant.
      It’s just that you and I are concerned with two different ideas that have crossed, and I didn’t see where you were coming from. My “so what” was a sincere question that I guess I didn’t word properly. Am I right in thinking that you have a problem with the way serious mental diseases are inaccurately represented in this movie? If so, then I don’t dispute that claim. I’m just talking about how women are inaccurately caricaturized in this movie, that’s all. We’re just both reading the same film from different angles.

    • I don’t believe the filmmaker and screenwriter had that intent. They utilized the names more so from a film making perspective, as I mentioned this film is obviously a critique on the idea of the 1950s housewife. The film doesn’t necessarily explore the psychology or debate of whether Multiple Personality is real or not.

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    • As you can see in the comments, there’s debate on whether multiple personalities as described in the film is legitimate or not. As I’m not a doctor I can’t say yes or no. Thanks for reading!

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