12 comments on “Network (1976)

  1. I’ve got to admit I did not recognize Holden in that picture! It’s tough though being a good looking actor, people always expect them to look like how they were in their golden years. My beloved Gregory aged quite well I think, even up to his 80s, but what I love most about Greg is his humility and just all around positive attitude.

    In any case, this looks like an intriguing film, I might check it out.

    • I came up with a theory that the hotter the actor back in the day, the worse they look now (I’m probably going to hell for that). A key example lately is Warren Beatty. Gorgeous man…eh not so now. Gregory Peck definitely aged gracefully, I’d say the same of Robert Mitchum too.

      • Oh I don’t know about that, Greg obviously was as hot as it could get and yet he still looked good in his older years, same w/ Cary Grant IMO. I think it depends on whether they took care of themselves or not y’know, and how happy they were in life.

        Btw, miss you over at FC, hope you visit me sometime :D

  2. A C? :( That’s so sad!

    You have a lot of good points… it is really pretty overwritten, and the “twist” if you want to call it that was never that great or anything…

    But it had so much foresight! The issues it raised were great… and the performances were top notch, too. This film got a couple of Academy Awards for people, and was nominated in a zillion categories.

    I understand that (like William Holden) it probably hasn’t aged all that well, but I still love it. I gotta give it an A!! :D

    • Haha, I knew I’d get crap for that C grade, thus why I added a page explaining my grading scale. A C is a movie I liked, but I wouldn’t call it a “wow” film and I wouldn’t own it. Although I would give it a second showing at some point. I agree that the themes are timeless. Thanks for reading!

  3. Your review was quite enjoyable, you touched on more aspects and subtext than any other review I’ve read or conversation I’ve had about Network. I think it may have been alcohol that was unkind to William Holden, but sickly look next to Faye Dunaway adds to the surrealism already on display. It may have been intentionally cast that way.
    There was a point in my life where I would have easily put Network in my top ten. It might still make my top twenty, I haven’t seen if for some time. It has a certain energy about it, that is soon as you see it you feel like passing it along to someone who hasn’t heard of it.

    • I didn’t think of Holden intentionally being cast opposite the stunning Dunaway as intentional but I like the argument. I tried to be respectful to Holden in my review but it’s true, he was known for being a notorious drinker (and depending on what you read, drinking is often cited as the cause of his death). Thanks for reading!

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