8 comments on “Written On the Wind (1956)

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  2. I will have to check this film out having enjoyed your intriguing review. I enjoyed Dorothy Malone’s performance of a woman with a past in one of my favorite Westerns called Warlock (1959). It has a star-studded cast with Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn. I am crafting a review of it, and highly recommend it.

    • Hope you enjoy the film as much as I did. I’m definitely intrigued on seeing more of Malone’s work. I’ll be sure to add Warlock to my list! Thanks for the recommend!

  3. I first enjoyed this film when it appeared on screens in the mid to late 1950’s and, as a young teenager, became a life-long fan of Dorothy Malone, following her career over many years.

    “Written on the Wind” was, in those days, considered to be very daring and adult material and, the theme song of the film became a “hit” in its day for “The Four Aces” – I still retain a copy in my record collection.

    Needless to say, “Written on the Wind” is my favourite Sirk film.

    • With the amazing color it would definitely be a joy to see on the big screen. I’m interested in more of Malone’s work, any recommends? I’m hoping to see additional Sirk films but right now this is my favorite too! Thanks for reading!

      • Must admit that I have suffered through a number of films that I would not have, had it not been for the participation of Miss Malone. Howsoever, I would recommend the following films as being my personal “favourites” besides “Written on the Wind”:

        “The Tarnished Angels” (1957 – U. I.) – a re-casting of Hudson, Stack and Miss Malone, (on doubt following the success of “WOTW”) – based upon William Faulkner’s novel “Pylon” and directed by Sirk who, it is reported, considered this to be his best effort at directing. Devoid of glitz, colour and glamour, it was a departure from Sirk’s usual films, and a fine showcase to display Miss Malone’s dramatic talent.

        “Man of a Thousand Faces” (1957 – U.I.) A bio/fiction of Lon Chaney (Snr) with an excellent performance by James Cagney supported by Miss Malone in a less than sympathic role, but good, nevetheless.

        “Too Much Too Soon” (1958 – Warners) Errol Flynn and Dorothy Malone give fine performances as legendary actor John Barrymore and his tragic daughter, Diana Barrymore. The film itself was considered “depressing” at the time and did not impress some critics but this could not overshadow the acting abilty of both participants.

        “Warlock” (1959 – Fox) – Miss Malone joins an excellent cast – Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn in a better-than-average western.

        There are many more films in which Dorothy Malone appears, some where her talent is wasted and others, including her role in ” The Big Sleep” where she makes a great impression.

        I hope this selection will enable you to appraise Dorothy Malone’s film career.

      • Too Much Too Soon is actually on TCM in the next week, definitely taping that. Thanks so much for the recommends, they’re all on my To Do list!

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