16 comments on “Marathon Man (1976)

  1. Excellent review. I enjoyed reading your perspective on the sound composition, most people wouldn’t take it that far. I’ts always nice when secondary elements set the tone for a film.
    As far as why there were so many movies featuring Nazi’s in the 70’s, we can only theorize that it came from one successful property, perhaps a book, and then an avalanche followed. If you look into it, there were quite a few pop/rock songs in the 70’s about Native Americans. Why? Probably because the first one released was successful.

  2. I feel this film has the single most effective torture scene ever put on film – and as you pointed out, it’s not filled with blood and gore, either. I don’t know anyone who has watched that scene that hasn’t cringed.

    I was amused that you mentioned the proliferation of Nazis in 70s movies. I’ve also noticed that. I picture the Marathon Man filmmakers sitting around figuring out their villain. “Let’s make him a Nazi!” “That’s not evil enough anymore.” “I know! Let’s make him a Nazi *dentist*!” (cheers all around)

    • Too true! I’ve had teeth yanked with general anesthesia so for me it brought up some painful memories. In terms of Nazis’ on film I’m still waiting for a Nazi veterinarian or podiatrist!

      • I’m only using the “reply” because I couldn’t leave a comment otherwise.Can anybody tell me exactly what was said between the two arguing men in the beginning of the film.Since I don’t speak German,my curiosity has always wanted to know.I know it “appeared”to be vile,but was it really?

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    • Thank you! It’s great the emotion of the characters explains better than the words themselves – the universality of language – but glad to know I was right about the actual dialogue. Thanks!

      • Yes,it was exactly what one would assume by the tone of the two in the argument.I think it would have been funny if they really were saying ,”I hope the Yankees beat the Red Sox at the next ball game”or something harmless.I think the “in joke”would have been more ironic!

  5. P.S.I wanted to comment on what the 70’s appeal of Nazis was.I think this is the last generation that Nazis wouldn’t appear to be harmless old men.That’s the slam given for not persueing Nazis throughout the ages.I think when the villain is younger,he appears to be more threatening.Just my take on it!

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