5 comments on “Logan’s Run (1976)

  1. That was great how you mentioned the usage of names that evoke images of childhood. I agree that there are quite a few flaws with this movie, but it is one that I am proud to own. The vibrant costumes and cheesy acting make for a great late night movie with friends. With such a fun concept, I too have always wondered why this and West World haven’t been remade by now. I’ve never seen The Island, but haven’t heard anything redeemable about it either.
    There was another odd sci-fi move made around this time called Zardoz, I would love to read your take on that one.

    • It’s definitely a “late night” movie for sure. Oh I’ve heard about the infamous Zardoz, oddly enough I thought of it while reading this review. It’s on the suggestion list!

  2. Logan’s Run is a movie firmly planted in the 1970s. The casual sex and nudity (which didn’t bother me) were where people thought society was going back then. In addition, there had been a famous phrase – “Never trust anyone over 30″ – that ended up being put to the ultimate extreme by having people done away with at 30 in this film. The ankh was also a trendy symbol at the time the film was made. Oh, and the special effects weren’t really that great even at that time, especially the robot.

    By the way, Zardoz is even more firmly rooted in the 70s, with encounter groups, beads, and meditation being things society has to teach a savage.

    • It’s VERY dated, I didn’t think of the nudity in those terms although it’s not surprising now that you mention it (with all the sexual experimentation films that came out around that time backing it up). I didn’t know about the “never trust anyone over 30″ and the ankhs which makes more sense now! Zardoz just looks insane and I’m all for a crazy campy good time!

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