10 comments on “My Movie Wishlist: Part One

  1. Here’s a few for you…

    THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM: Caught it on the big screen last night at The Lightbox, it was my first time seeing it. I feel for it much harder than I thought I possibly could. I might well have to stop at the store to buy a copy on the commute home.

    BANDE A PART: One reason I’m happy that B&N’s Criterion sale has just kicked off.

    HAYWIRE: One of my favorites from 2012 so far, but one that I don’t want to pay $30 for on blu-ray. As soon as it goes on sale, I’m on it.

    • I still need to see The Man with the Golden Arm (ugh, I need more time in the day!). I contemplating spending my paycheck at Barnes and Noble on Criterion titles…while I know they’re generally cheaper on Amazon, it’s just easier to go down to B&N! I love Haywire, has the best rewatch value of a lot of other movies I own. I sadly own the DVD, might need to go back and get the Blu!

  2. Rushmore is certainly in my top ten favorites. I had to think for a while as to what my wishlist would, since I’m not as caught up in owning movies as I used to be. Going to art house/ indie theaters is one of my favorite things to do.
    I suppose I would like to have everything Sam Fuller directed..

    • In looking at Sam Fuller’s filmography there’s a couple films I was just considering renting! I’ll take that as a sign he’s worth watching?

      • Absolutely! A good primer would be The Typewriter, The Rifle, & The Movie Camera. Quite a few of his films are considered classics. TCM frequently plays House of Bamboo.Enjoy your journey.

      • I just turned on TCM and they are having a salute to maverick filmmaker Sam Fuller!

  3. I would love to pick up that Rushmore set. I received the Dazed and Confused Criterion Blu-ray for my birthday a few months back, and it’s pretty amazing as well. Highly recommend grabbing that if you’re a fan of the movie.

  4. William Powell is one of my favorite actors and Carole Lombard is an actress whose work I’ve only seen in one film so with that I discovered a box set devoted to their films together (of which I knew nothing about although I’m an idiot considering they were married). The collection includes four movies they did together: Made for Each Other (1939), Nothing Sacred (1937), Life With Father (1947), and My Man Godfrey (1936).

    Powell and/or Lombard appeared in all four of those films, but not together (Carole had died in 1942). She was in “Nothing Sacred” (her lone Technicolor feature) with Fredric March, and in “Made For Each Other” (which has a few comic elements, but is really more of a drama) with James Stewart.

    Bill and Carole made two movies at Paramount in 1931, before they were married that June — “Man Of The World” (which can be found in the six-film DVD set “Carole Lombard: The Glamour Collection”) and “Ladies’ Man.”

    • You are definitely giving me some amazing info, I feel bad I don’t know much about Lombard and I haven’t seen any of her films although I did get the Glamour Collection for my birthday which I’m excited to crack into!

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