6 comments on “The Player (1992)

  1. Some of Altman’s films are aggravating because it takes so much work to watch them. I like this one, Kansas City, The Long Goodbye, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and his last one, A Prairie Home Companion. Brewster McCloud is an acquired taste, but it’s one of Wes Anderson’s favorite films.

    • I’ve been interested in seeing The Long Goodbye (as I’ve heard it’s one of the best neo-noirs) and McCabe and Mrs. Miller for Warren Beatty. Praire Home I’ve seen bits of and might finish that. From what I’ve seen I definitely agree about him being an acquired taste. Thanks!

  2. I like how the ending is the guy getting pitched the movie we just saw. The opening where they were talking about Touch of Evil is an in joke because Touch of Evil started with a several minutes long sequence with no cuts and as they are talking about it The Player is doing the exact same thing.

    Another movie worth checking out that has a lot to say about how a picture gets made is State and Main. This one takes a comedic approach, though.

    • Interesting, I need to move Touch of Evil up further on my Netflix it seems. I’ve seen snippets of State and Main, I might have seen more…I’m definitely remembering I’ve seen it in some way. Might have to go check that!

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