11 comments on “Recasting Sixteen Candles

  1. Kristen, this would be a lovely juvenile film! It’s difficult to imagine Judy Garland with William Holden, but I think it’s because we are more used to his later roles. Mickey Rooney is always a good pair to Judy, but I don’t think he would be a good geek.
    I’m in the blogathon recasting The English Patient.

    • In going back later I did realize Montgomery Clift would have made a decent Jake Ryan. Oh the perils of trying to cast late at night! Considering I haven’t seen Rooney young I figured someone would have a better Geek than I. Thanks for reading and I’ll definitely be checking out your post!

  2. Well, that was great fun! I can’t think of a better gang of teens to hang out with and how exciting to be the one to introduce Veronica Lake!

    • Your Princess Bride was fantastic. Errol Flynn as Westley was spot-on (I’m sure Goldman/Reiner were influenced by Flynn during casting). Kind of wished I had thought of doing modern actors as well. Thanks for reading!

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