3 comments on “Old Hollywood Book Reviews: Marilyn Monroe – Private and Confidential

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  2. Hello! Thank you very much indeed for the lovely review of my book. It really made my day. One thing I would say is that the Kenny Kingston story came directly from an interview I did with him for my Marilyn Monroe fan club, back in the 1990s and not from his memoirs. All other memories are from interviews I have done, or letters received, except where stated in the text. My next book is called Hollywood Scandals, and then I have one coming out about Carole Lombard and later Thelma Todd. I will approach all of these subjects in the same way so I hope you enjoy those too. Thanks! Warm regards Michelle.

    • Michelle, thank you so much for checking out my review and being gracious enough to leave a comment! Thanks for clearing up the Kenny Kingston story, having read so many biographies that “recreate” encounters to give the book a first-hand feel has really made me suspicious of comments that read as gaudy. I was refreshed to read a book that presented the facts about Marilyn. I’m excited to read your upcoming books, particularly Hollywood Scandals and Thelma Todd (whose life I’ve become interested in after watching a made-for-TV film about her). Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll be keeping an eye out for your books in future!

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