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  1. I’m an avid fan of James Dean. His films are memorized in my brain. I did see the biopic but don’t really remember it that well, however, i did know who james franco was before he played Dean. I am aware of the many aspects of James Dean’s life. He was conflicted in his feelings but I don’t think that had any thing to do with his father. It was the time in which he lived and he was truly a rebel. He hated authority. He wanted to be free. The way he lived, it was always on the edge. He learned his craft so well. It was a tragedy to film that he never survived to make all of the films we will never see and he didn’t even get to enjoy the films he did create. He had a great relationship with Elizabeth Taylor. It’s too bad that they didn’t focus on his life from the time he got into The Actor’s Studio and maybe references to his past but I think any film that is ever made of his life now should cover more his short adult life. He is a fascination for many and he will be forever young. Never age. There is something always romantic about that unfortunately. He has become a God of beauty. I never knew him but I miss him. His pain came through onthe screen and I don;t think that was acting or method but it was really coming from inside of him. Being the characters as if they were himself. It was his only way to release the pain he felt inside. I have seen all of his films and many many times. It makes me angry that the fool who caused his death was so careless that day that he pulled right out in front of him and so that James didn’t hit the fool’s car he ended up killing himself instead. And I do not believe he was speeding at the time in which the accident occurred. I believe you mentioned you haven’t seen East of Eden. It is a brilliant film, as all his films are. It is a real study of how a father can really hate one son and love the other. And the son he hates can never do anything right. His ideas aren’t good enough. He isn’t good enough. And his brother in the film is a real spineless boring person with absolutely no passion or personality. Whereas, Jame’s character is filled with nothing but desire and passion. Julie Harris and James Dean play well opposite each other. You will really like this, I believe. But my favorite is Rebel Without a Cause. It satisfies the rebel in me when I was that age and still have it alive inside of me. I have one wish and that is I could have met James Dean. There’s a really great Altman film you might find interesting: “Come Back To the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” All women and a great cast, all centered around Sandy Dennis’s character feeling she gave birth to James Dean’s child, I am a lesbian and I am in love with James Dean. There is something quite magical aboutn his presence and his spirit and how it lives and survives all these years later and will go on long after we are gone. He has a magic about him that is Eternal. Jennifer ~the secret keeper~

    • I definitely think there’s more to his life than this biopic presents. I agree I don’t think his estrangement from his father was the reason for his acting quirks and talent at all. Same with his relationships like with Taylor and Natalie Wood that are never even mentioned (I’m assuming for rights reasons). Thanks for giving such a heartfelt comment about Dean. I do need to see Eden and Giant but I too am sad to see such potential vanish. There’s a few more Dean biopics I’ll be reviewing in future, hoping to hear your comments on them!

  2. I’m still going to watch this, but I’m really glad you wrote about it so I can adjust my expectations. Love this series. Hope you had a fun birthday!

    • It’s definitely not nearly as bad as others that have I’ve reviewed on here (and I’m sure I’ll find worse as I continue). Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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  4. James Dean’s brief affair with Angeli was sexual and he admitted to his friend Leonard Rosenman that he beat up his girlfriends. See Val Holley’s excellent Dean biography for more. Winton Dean’s lack of affection and empathy for his son and the death of James Dean’s mother when he was nine were crucial to his psychological development. That’s one of the few things this film got right even though the speculation regarding Dean’s paternity is unfounded, though it was first proposed by Dean biographer Donald Spoto, whi is a fairly careful biographer.

    • Thanks so much for the info. I’m the first to say I’m not an expert on Dean compared to other stars so I felt out of my depth in terms of making claims towards what was true or not. I did feel the father/son relationship was too heavy-handed for the film, mainly because it took precedence over other elements of his life I’d have liked to see such as the making of Rebel Without a Cause. I do have the Spoto book (along with all the other excellent biographies Spoto has written on other celebs) so I’ll have to give those a look. Thanks for reading!!!

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