9 comments on “Fantasia (1940)

  1. Fantasia is a film I admire in theory but can’t really stand to watch. I always find myself wanting a bit more story or at least more energy about most of the stories. Night on Bald Mountain, however, is magnificent.

    • I felt bad giving it the grade I did but I agree with you wholeheartedly. Disney excels at story and Fantasia seems like a disjointed series of pretty pictures questing for a story.

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  4. Aren’t blogs fun, such divergent perspectives. I absolutely love Fantasia. Repeated viewings not a problem. (OK, not everyday.) The abstract opening is a favorite. Just light, forms and music. Some segments preferred over others. Bald mountain is dramatic to the chiming bell segue to Ave Maria the sublime.

    Don’t allow your experience with Fantasia to dissuade you from Fantasia 2000. It’s been awhile (where are your repeated viewings now?), but there are segments in 2000 that are gorgeous. When the whales in Pines of Rome lift out of the water to ‘swim’ in space is breathtaking. The Donald Duck segment to Pomp and Circumstance is sweet. And the story of rebirth in the finale, to the music of the Firebird Suite, is magical. This segment is loosely based on the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which is in Washington State, where I reside. So that strikes close to home.

    By the way, I did have to look up some of the details. I don’t know/remember them THAT well.

    And, as we have discussed before, it’s always best to see either one in the theater! Immersion is good.

    • I can understand people loving this movie for its imagery. You’re right about Bald Mountain being amazing, it still resonates with me. In vowing to watch all the Disney films, I will be watching Fantasia 2000. You’ve definitely intrigued me with the descriptions of it, and we appear to be cousins as I live in California!

  5. I find this one very rewatchable. Not often, but something about the beauty and ambition always moves me. It’s a miracle that this was made at all. For my money, 1940 was Disney’s golden film artistically speaking: Fantasia and Pinocchio are the most beautifully animated DIsney features.

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