7 comments on “Why I Adore the Universal Studios Backlot

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  2. Sounds amazing, Kristen. I don’t know how likely I am ever to visit Universal Studios or LA (or even America) but you have taken me on a fun virtual tour here!

    • True, I live eight hours away from LA and it’s still to expensive for me to visit regularly so I can only imagine the expense and travel for non-US residents. Hopefully the videos I found gave you a great “being there” experience.”

  3. I would really love to go on this tour! Sounds like the sets are really close, which surprises me, but it makes sense just for the economics of it.

    An author once told me he got a chance to go into the Psycho house and there was a ladder up to “mother’s” window and an empty rocking chair. It apparently freaked him out just a little bit!

    • It’s definitely worth it (and I do believe it’s cheaper than going to Disneyland sadly). The sets are right up next to you on all sides, and in some cases (like the parting the Red Seas) it can be right on you! I know during Halloween you can pay extra for a tour that lets you actually get off the tram and go onto the Bates Motel set (not inside but outside) and costumed characters roam around. Would be doubly creepy!

    • Thanks so much, I highly recommend it, especially to get away from all the Disney happiness. Thanks for the comments on the blogathon, I have plans for others in the future!

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