9 comments on “Bambi (1942)

  1. My recollection of Bambi was not really liking it but my rewatch moved it safely into the top 10 of Disney for me. There’s a lot of interesting subtext, lots of Freudian oedipal complex type things and the like. Just found it more fascinating than I expected. BTW, my own Disney marathon left off at Alice in Wonderland…I might have to take it back up when you get there.

    • Ooh I didn’t think of any subtext, mainly because I just felt the story didn’t have much meat to it. Hope you get back to the Disney marathon, I’ll be reading once you do!

    • Oddly enough most of my friends who love it haven’t seen it in ages, wonder if that’s saying something. I wasn’t bored like I was with Fantasia but that was due to how short this was. Your not the only one!

  2. I never saw Bambi or any of the Disney films as a kid. This was the days before VCRs and my family didn’t have the money to go to the movies. I’ve since seen some of them as an adult and Bambi is one of them. I remember understanding why the scene with Bambi’s mom would bother kids, but I felt it probably bothered parents more because of their worry about how their kids would take it.

    • I could definitely see it as a moment where parents don’t want to have a lengthy discussion about death at a young age. I shudder to think how Disney’s original ending (of Bambi finding his mother in a pool of blood…no joke) would have played with children.

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  4. Bambi’s one of my favorites. I like how there really is no story, it’s just the life of a deer. It deals with the whole “circle of life” theme much better than its overrated successor The Lion King in my opinion. It’s one of DIsney’s more somber and adult films.

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