9 comments on “The House of the Devil (2009)

  1. This was a weird one that almost tries too hard to be nostalgic or something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was trying to accomplish and now I’ve forgotten all but subtle points of it.

    • I agree it’s one of those that people either praise to death or hate vehemently and the rest of West’s filmography irritates me. So far I mention this as a one-trick fluke from West.

  2. I did just recently watched this and actually thought it was an older film from the 1970s! I don’t know if they intended it to look that way or not. It seems to go along with others from that era in style and atmosphere and even the way the babysitter looks and dresses. I have to admit she was pretty naive in her decisions leading up to and then staying in the creepy “babysitting” situation and I found myself talking to the tv at her LOL. It was interesting, and brutal in parts, but I agree that it has been done much better with films like “Rosemary’s Baby”.

    • I do believe the grainy film stock was an intentional choice to give it that 1970s-1980s “big box” feel. It is supposed to be set in the 1980s. I do find Samantha to be an incredibly naive and annoying character and your right it’s no Rosemary’s Baby but the slow burn feel of it works I think.

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  4. I just don’t care for the: evil wins no matter what endings. I agree that her shooting herself should have been the end of it.

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