7 comments on “Fido (2006)

  1. I wasn’t quite as enamored as you but Fido is definitely a fun time and thus underappreciated. Love the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra reference too. Another fun film.

    • I know I certainly graded it higher than I should have but I always try to boost the grades of those I think just don’t get enough love. I actually haven’t seen Lost Skeleton of Cadavra yet but I’ve heard it compared with Fido and it’s on my Netflix, glad to know it’s fun!

  2. Love this film! Really, it’s one of my all-time favorite horror comedies. The ongoing parody of LASSIE always cracks me up.

    • I forgot the Lassie references! Those are hilarious! I would have quoted the wholes script if I could, every line is great!

  3. Found you by listening to Surfing Aliens. You have FIDO on your 31 Days of Halloween, and that makes you awesome (it was my 7th Day choice). Your blog is great, loved you on the podcast. Thanks for adding some classics to the list.

    • Haha, glad I could prove my awesomeness. Anyone who believes Fido is proof of being cool is equally awesome in my book! Happy to keep spreading a love of the classics. Thanks for reading!

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