14 comments on “The Shining (1980)

  1. Really nice write-up, good work! The Shining is one of those films you can watch a million times and still find new stuff to write about. It must have been a nightmare actually condensing your thoughts down! I think it’s an absolutely brilliant film both for the casual viewer and for those who want to analyse every last detail. I’m really hoping I get chance to catch the Room 237 documentary at some point.

    • Too true, there’s always something new to discover in this film, probably why there’s so many papers written. I definitely had trouble making sure I included what I wanted so still remaining coherent lol.

  2. Always felt this was the best presentation of Stephen King’s novel The Shining. I remember after I had seen it several times, that was when I found out that King didn’t like Kubrick’s interpretation. I could never understand why. Then the mini-series was made. I watched it but was not really that impressed with it. Now, it has been awhile since I watched this film but it is imprinted in my mind. I watched it whenever it was available. It definitely freaked me out. When Nicholson is hacking away at the bathroom door and comes out with the line: “Here’s Johnny.” That was a freaky scene to me no matter how many times I’d seen that scene. Good review but I don’t get into scary films as much as I use to. Liked some of the Japanese transferred into American versions but I’m not into getting scared so much any more. It was a trip going through your presentation of the film. The comment about the two girls, I always thought they were twins. I am surprised I never caught that one. Great job. J.K.

    • I’m intrigued by the miniseries not just because of the characterization but also because I was aware that King hated this version (although none of the filmed translations of his books, regardless of King’s praise or not really live up to the source material). Thanks for reading!!

      • I am a sworn cinephile and everything I’ve read that you have written has always facinated me. You have a great insight into film. I will be back. I love older films. I love older older films also. I must add that I am not a huge fan of Stephen King’s writing. His film adaptations interest me more. Stand By Me, one of his short sroties is brilliant. My partner has always felt that his short stories tend to make better adaptations. So, I would say I am more a fan of his on film then in his writing. I do love great writing and great film making. I never am sure if I know a book is going to become a film whether to read the book first. I found that dilemma came about after seeing The World According to Garp after I had read ht book several times. The film of Garp disappointed me at first but once I got use to all the par that were left out, it is now one of my favorite films and book to film adaptations. But then there are so many, the most recent being The Help, which I read first, and I definitely was not disappointed with either. They were both so fantastic. Well, keep reviewing. J.K. ps. It has been awhile since I’ve seen the mini-series but I do remember being rather disappointed wiith it but heard that King did like it from what I can remember. No one can replace Nicholson or Kubrick when making films. The Shining belongs to them.

      • Thanks for the kind words, I definitely try to provide unique thoughts on the movies as well as my own snarky attitude lol. Stand By Me is one of my favorite 80s movies although it too is different than King’s novella. That’s the only one of his short stories I’ve read so far. I haven’t read The Help yet (I have it) although my slow descent into hatred for the film has been well documented on this blog lol.

  3. I’m one of those people who, like Stephen King, prefer the 90s mini-series. I think it grasps the nuances of the characters in a much more interesting way. I kind of hate Nicholson in this because there’s no progression; he seems crazy from the start. There is enough iconic visual aspects of the film to make it a decent film.

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  6. You really should read the book–Wendy is NOT an idiot in the novel. Not even close. Kubrick did indeed make a truly creepy film, but he absolutely destroyed that character. He treated Duvall like crap during filming, too. It’s a shame he did that because Kubrick was an excellent director, and the movie could have been so much better than it was.

    • I have the book on my Kindle (and I do believe King wrote a sequel), so I have no good excuse for having not read the book yet lol. I’ve heard that the miniseries is just as problematic but Wendy is a stronger character. Kubrick’s depictions of women have always been frustrating, but no more so than in this. Thanks for reading!

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