14 comments on “The Girl (2012)

  1. I had the same thoughts as you. Apparently the source material is from a biographer that released a glowing-with-praise bio of Hitch while he was alive and then after his death started publishing these slanderous things. It doesn’t necessarily make them untrue, but the motivation behind everything seems like it is malicious or for sex, but that isn’t necessarily how it was.

    • Damn, I forgot to look and see whose work this was based on. It might have been Donald Spoto who I know wrote the book The Dark Side of Genius which praised Hitchcock, and then came out against him with Hedren’s story late. I honestly have no doubt of Hedren’s story, but the film presents events like an episode of Nancy Grace.

      • Yeah, Spoto sounds right…

        There’s a huge difference in doing some of the things (like the telephone booth scene) for vengeance – which is what the movie implies – versus a director looking to get the the best possible reaction from his actor.
        Personally, I see it being the latter more than the former. It’s like dots were being connected based on assumption of intent rather than anything else.

  2. The movie seemed aimed at an audience who were unaware of Hitch. Watching this film, you would think Hedren was the auteur. The closing text about Marnie being his last critically acclaimed film is BS, Marnie was panned on release while Frenzy received lots of positive reviews.

    • Ooh good one, I missed that Marnie quote! For a girl so inexperienced, I agree we never see Hedren struggle to act for this film. I love The Birds but Hedren’s acting in it always felt inexperienced to me, but the film never presents it that way.

  3. Sorry to hear that this wasn’t good but Im still interested in checking it out. I agree with you about not putting directors on pedestals. I can like their movies, doesn’t mean I have to like them.

    • I say the same thing about actors as well. I do say the film is worth seeing, purely for the different perspective, I just think the execution could have been far better; especially for an HBO production.

  4. I liked this film. To me that part that was most disturbing is that the movie made it seem as if Hitchcock was acting out his fantasies about Hedren on film. He was punishing her with the attic scene in The Birds and the rape scene in Marnie.

    • That’s an interesting scene because in a few books I’ve read they mentioned Hitchcock alluding that it was punishment. Again, if only the depth had been expanded it could have been something.

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    • Thank you for using my review, but I don’t think it necessarily works with the other links you have listed. I do believe Tippi Hedren’s accusations. She has little reason to lie at this point, and it’s been well-documented in other works that Hitchcock did make inappropriate advances to his leading ladies. I do agree that The Girl doesn’t give proper context for events, but I don’t think it’s completely fabricated.

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