10 comments on “Old Hollywood Book Reviews: Dana Andrews – Hollywood Enigma

  1. I enjoyed your review. This book is sitting on my bedside table and I am looking forward to starting it soon. Thanks in part to your review, it has been bumped up the queue. If you are looking for a recommendation, Glenn Ford: A Life, written by his son Peter Ford was a good read.

    • I must admit I know little about Glenn Ford, but much like this book I’d be interested in reading it to learn more. Thanks for the recommendation, and so glad you enjoyed the review!

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  3. Thank you for writing such sensitive commentary about my father. You picked up on the really relevant pieces that Carl brought out, thanks to his extensive research among the papers my father kept and the interviews he took the time to record. I truly appreciate your review, and I will share it with my siblings.

    • And by the same token, thank you so much for reading my review! This was easily one of the best biographies I read, and it’s a rare art in biographies to give readers information on a person while highlighting the good and the bad. Too often biographers are all or nothing in one direction. After reading this, I only wanted to watch more of your father’s work, which is the mark of a great biography in my opinion. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

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