3 comments on “I Wanted Wings (1941)

  1. You know that I adore William Holden and am on a quest to see all of his films (even his 70’s stuff and his Westerns, neither of which are my genre). I Wanted Wings is one of those films I haven’t yet had the chance to see. While it’s been on the “hope TCM airs it” list for quite some time, they never show it. Even if it isn’t one of his more interesting films, we mega-fans simply have to see all our guys’ works, right?

    I do hate that, though, when you finally get to see a film you’ve been longing to see, and it turns out to be a disappointment. That has happened to me more times than I can count!

    • I’m surprised that TCM doesn’t air many of Veronica Lake’s films (of which this is one), maybe a rights thing? I, too, am trying to see all of Holden’s work and as my review said he’s one of the few reasons to sit through this.

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