4 comments on “Frozen (2013)

  1. Loved your review. You bring up good points. I chuckled when you spoke of the similarities between the Reindeer and the horse from Tangled. While I agree with you, it didn’t bother me as much as the recycling of the faces of the 3 lead female characters of those 2 movies. I found it particularly distracting when Anna and Elsa shared screen time. A minor quibble; it is a super fun family movie. As I write this, my youngest daughter is out seeing it with friends, very happily I might add, for the second time.

    • Oh, yes. Quite a bit of controversy has cropped up with regards to the female faces, and I agree; they’re way too similar to have it be simply coincidental. Hopefully, now that the animators understand the new road to take they can work on diversifying the facial characteristics. Love the movie regardless.

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