4 comments on “Kristen Recasts the Classics: West Side Story

  1. The classic film West Side Story definitely should not, MUST not be re-made, under ANY circumstances, by ANYBODY, including Steve Spielberg. The idea that someone would even THINK of remaking a great golden oldie-but-keeper of a classic film like West Side Story that not only won ten well-deserved Oscars, including Best Picture on the year that it came out is beyond comprehension. West Side Story, as a movie, is a classic in a class all by itself and is extremely special. Mr. Spielberg, if you’re listening…Leave West Side Story alone and concentrate on something else! If it ain’t broke (and West Side Story most definitely ain’t!)PLEASE don’t fix it! Thanks!!!

    • This remake is probably one the most despised and, as I stated in the intro, I highly doubt it’ll come to pass. Steven Spielberg is notorious for picking up projects only to abandon them after a few years. And I believe Hollywood recently cancelled the Thin Man remake with Johnny Depp, so hopefully they’re listening and decide to let this one alone. Thanks for reading!

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