9 comments on “Born Yesterday (1950)

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  2. Great points about the feminism of this film. I read once that Holliday’s best performance was before HUAC, where she used her “dumb blond” rep in films like this one to avoid naming names. I read parts of the testimony–it really is an astonishing performance.
    So true that in spite of all its messages, the film (and play) avoid preaching. Leah

  3. The only thing acceptable about Crawford’s “Harry” to the DC politics is his money. He is a blowhard but he is a rich blowhard and that somehow makes it okay or at lest one with which the congress people will work. It is more irony that he thinks some education will do “Bille” some good and “Harry” not be able to see the same benefit.. Crawford’s thinking he is smarter doesn’t make him so but he misses that completely.

    I think the strength in Holden’s character is that he winds up educating both “Billie” and “Harry.” “Harry” doesn’t know it yet but he has been schooled that there are better ways to treat a lady.

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  6. I read this post with interest as I was in the middle of research Adam’s Rib. I think there’s a lot of parallels between that and Born Yesterday, especially the gender questions and the way philosophy was filtered through comedy and/or romantic elements. This is my favourite Holliday role, I’m always so sad she didn’t get much time to shine.

    • I adore Adam’s Rib, my first Holliday film. This and Adam’s Rib certainly share common sensibilities. Particularly, in the exploration of unbalanced relationships. I do think Adam’s Rib has more meat (pun sorta intended) in terms of exploring marriage, infidelity, and the like. It would be great for TCM or someone to play them back to back.

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