3 comments on “Imitation of Life (1934)

  1. Enjoyed your post so much! As a big Warren William fan my mind was working as yours did, especially with an early leer at Rochelle Hudson, but thankfully this movie didn’t move that way. This, after all, is not a Warren William movie.

    I thought they handled issues of race very well for when it was made. Fredi Washington was allowed to do a lot more than most African-American characters at this time and the saintly Louise Beavers offers enough of a sugar-coating to allow the movie to still sell some tickets in 1934 without making Imitation come across to the predominantly white audience it was being marketed to as a “black movie.” It seems Beavers very nearly received an Oscar nomination for this and if she had I have a feeling that death scene may have put her over the top and led her to the trophy! Instead she, and Delilah, become an interesting footnote on the way to Hattie McDaniel. Possibly the biggest shame of this movie is that it didn’t lead to bigger roles for Beavers, but the parts just weren’t there. And I guess we can say the same for Hattie after GWTW.

    Thanks, really enjoyed your take!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I always get stressed when exploring racially charged movies because I understand the issues with them now. I’m glad so many of my readers can understand my attempts to blend new ideologies with old. And yes, Beavers was fantastic and it’s a shame she isn’t nearly as well-known as Hattie McDaniel.

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