The TCM Top Ten for March 2015

The flowers are in bloom, the snow slowly melts away, and TCM says goodbye to 31 Days of Oscar. Outside of the occasional sad passing, TCM won’t do a full-scale theme until at least October. With that, I’ve counted down ten films I’ll be making time for this month.


The Great Race (1965)

Director Blake Edwards wanted to craft a tribute to Laurel and Hardy films, turning out the 1965 road movie, The Great Race. It fits the “road movie” moniker in two ways: characters are literally on the road, and it also boasts a lengthy runtime (complete with intermission) as part of its designation as a traveling…


The Star Machine

A key difference, probably the key difference, between the Hollywood of today and of yesteryear is the studio system. The way the studios manufactured and marketed stars is legendary. Stories of stars having their names and biographies changed are just the start, but a studio controlled where a movie star went, who they dated, and how they…


Biopic Theatre: Valentino (1951)

I’ve mentioned it in prior Biopic Theater entries: the less time has passed, the more fictitious Hollywood gets. Because people are still alive, directors and screenwriters certainly don’t want to name names. Easier to smear the name of the person no longer living than those they left behind. Hollywood allowed 25 years to pass before…


Cult of the Damned (1969)

The later one travels into the cinematic landscape of the 1960s, the deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole you’re gonna go. Hollywood was in a precarious position and many of the old guard, Hollywood A-list crowd floundered to assert themselves in a changing landscape where they were seen as passe. The more ingrained in the…