The Unfinished Dance (1947)

After my interview with Technicolor specialist Robert Hoffman and in honor of this weekend’s Dance Media Festival, I decided a review of The Unfinished Dance (screening at the festival this weekend) was warranted. And, honestly, I have no one to blame but myself for not watching this earlier, considering it stars my favorite child actress,…


The TCM Top Ten for May 2015

  Apologies for skipping April’s TCM Top Ten. The post-TCM Film Festival hit me hard, and I forgot about everything short of documenting the festival on the site. But we’re back with a vengeance this month as TCM gears up for the summer season! If you’re not interested in checking out the latest Avengers movie,…


Design for Living (1933)

**This review is written as part of the Fabulous Films of the ’30s Blogathon hosted by The Classic Movie Blog Association. Check out the other participants’ work here.** Design for Living has the pedigree only the best pre-Codes accrue: directed by master of comedy, Ernst Lubitsch, it stars the leading lady of his last masterpiece…


Brigadoon (1954)

**This post is written as part of The CinemaScope Blogathon hosted by Classic Becky’s Brain Food and Wide Screen World. Click here to read the other entries in the blogathon.** The addition of a wide-screen format can provide a grander sense of scope for particular films. The best example I always use is the phenomenal…


The TCM Top Ten for March 2015

The flowers are in bloom, the snow slowly melts away, and TCM says goodbye to 31 Days of Oscar. Outside of the occasional sad passing, TCM won’t do a full-scale theme until at least October. With that, I’ve counted down ten films I’ll be making time for this month.