Carnal Knowledge (1971)

The 1970s were a confusing time, particularly for cinema. The dark clouds of the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam had rolled away (the former) or were in their death throes (the latter), and Women’s Liberation and the Cold War were heating up. Cinema grappled with a lot and the movies during this time period generally focused on angry…


The TCM Top Ten for February 2016

A blessing and a curse in the TCM world, February kicks off two months of the network’s 31 Days of Oscar series, also known as “Why are they showing modern movies?!” Thankfully, the mornings and afternoons throughout the month still yield those great pre-1970s titles and you’ll only see one post 1970s film on this…


The TCM Top Ten for January 2016

You probably still have enough TCM content saved on your DVR to last a year on its own, but it’s time to look at another ten films worth adding to your already overburdened television recorder. Here’s to an amazing New Year’s kickoff of another year with the wonders of TCM!


TCM Top Twelve for December 2015

We’re in the final month of 2015. Funny how time flies! And your eyes aren’t deceiving you, we’re doing a full TCM Top Twelve this month, both to honor the twelfth month of the year and because I couldn’t bare to cut this list down any further. Here are twelve movies to watch, whether you’re…


I Found Stella Parish (1935)

I found…that Kay Francis is an acquired taste. Predominately known as a pre-Code clotheshorse my experience prior to this consisted of watching her in Trouble in Paradise (1932) where she plays the straight man to the wacky antics of Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins. I Found Stella Parish works in the same vein as the…


Magnificent Obsession (1954)

“Once you find the way, you’ll be bound. It will obsess you. but believe me, it will be a magnificent obsession.” Douglas Sirk directed for the soap opera set. Those who have ever enjoyed an episode of Dynasty, Dallas, Melrose Place, or Empire would do well to take a walk back to the 1950s and check…