The TCM Top Ten for March 2015

The flowers are in bloom, the snow slowly melts away, and TCM says goodbye to 31 Days of Oscar. Outside of the occasional sad passing, TCM won’t do a full-scale theme until at least October. With that, I’ve counted down ten films I’ll be making time for this month.


The TCM Top Ten for February 2015

  It may be 31 Days of Oscar on TCM but it’s just another month of superlative content on TCM (just more superlative than usual). I tried my best to shy away from the big Oscar-winning movies of the month and give you guys the deep cuts, the B-sides for the month. As always, feel…


The Thrill of It All (1963)

Second-wave feminism (you’ve already stopped reading, haven’t you?) wouldn’t crop up for another couple of years, but that’s not to say Hollywood wasn’t doing its part showing women were sick, tired, and unwilling to take it anymore! Okay, maybe things weren’t that militant, but director Norman Jewison (who went on to helm the groundbreaking In the…


The Man With the Golden Arm (1955)

In the wake of World War II and continuing well into and beyond the Vietnam War, the question of drug use among men was a hot-button topic that Hollywood hadn’t really dealt with any sense of gravity. With the horrors of the war coming into focus and being dealt with, Hollywood saw a wave of…


Too Much, Too Soon (1958)

Biopic Theater is back, and now on Fridays! I’m still gauging whether this will go weekly, bi-weekly, or do more of a “seasonal” feature wherein it runs for a couple months of the year, but for right now let’s just enjoy the fact I’m getting back into the biopic spirit! What better family to kick…