Why The Help Doesn\’t Deserve to Be Nominated for Best Picture

An additional tidbit today looking at why The Help doesn’t deserve it’s Best Picture nomination!

Why The Help Doesn\’t Deserve to Be Nominated for Best Picture.


3 thoughts on “Why The Help Doesn\’t Deserve to Be Nominated for Best Picture

  1. Once again, I have to say it was seeing how The Help was nominated for several Golden Globes that prompted my seeing Precious. Precious was nominated for several Oscars, winning 2, but I thought that was an awful movie. I’m almost surprised Oprah didn’t package the movie with a message saying, “You don’t like it? That makes you a racist.”

    Currently, my favorite movie about the plight of minorities is still Gran Torino. As I mentioned in my own blog post, it seems like the movie has to be about the plight of very specific minority groups (thus, the Asians in Gran Torino don’t count) for anyone to say it’s a “good” movie. Once again, I’m aware that America has an ugly history of slavery and racism, but I think when push comes to shove, especially in the realm of cinema, we should just get over it already.

    • Yeah I couldn’t let it go this year. The Help has gone from a movie I liked to one that irks me because of how many people think it’s “unique.” And what’s sad is movies that depict African-Americans resort to stereotypes like Precious, while other movies that depict any other type of minorities aren’t even made.

      • I agree: there doesn’t seem to be any movies made about other minorities. I feel like with all of them, someone will come up with a counter-argument:

        Mexicans/Hispanics: “Well, they’re in the country illegally anyway, so their plight is their problem.”

        Asians: “Hello! Their kids are outscoring our kids on the SAT and taking up all the seats at Ivy League schools! That should be good enough for them.”

        Indians: “Um….we don’t really care to see anything besides the trademark funny Indian guy (i.e. Kal Penn) in movies.”

        Islamic/Arabic people: “F*** them! They’re all terrorists, so they should all rot in Hell!”

        Native Americans: “Dances with Wolves counts, right?”

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