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My 15 Favorite I Love Lucy Episodes

In honor of Lucille Ball’s birthday I figured I’d showcase my fifteen favorite episodes of I Love Lucy.  I’ve tried to include clips and/or full episodes.  If nothing is provided in terms of video I’ve discussed why I love the episode.  Happy birthday Lucy!

Episodes in order of air date

The Diet

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her

The Freezer

Sadly I couldn’t find any significant clips or the full episode but this one is one of my favorite “Lucy and Ethel try to create a business” episodes. The girls end up with 700 pounds of beef and take it selling it at the bank.  Lucy’s pitch with quick talking and rhyming “rump” and “stump” never ceases to make me chuckle.  I wish I could perfect a sales pitch like that.

Lucy Does a TV Commercial

Job Switching

The Saxophone

I do love the clip but I wish I could have actually found the clip of Lucy dressed up playing the sax.  “Be bop, be bop, be bop.  Yeah man!”

The Courtroom

Lucy is Enciente

One of the most beautiful clips in film history.  My mother always bawls when she sees this part.  You can truly see the love between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in this clip.

Lucy Goes to the Hospital

Continuing the arc of Lucy having her baby, this is the one where she actually has the baby.  There’s so many wacky hijinks in an episode where Lucy isn’t necessarily the main focus.  You have Ricky dressed up as a crazy witch doctor and I love the man in the waiting room who has six girls.  “One more and you could start a softball team.”

Lucy is Envious

Hollywood At Last

Yes I had to include this as it’s the episode with William Holden.

Lucy Visits Grauman’s

The Passports

Lucy and the Loving Cup

Lucy and Superman

This one holds a personal connection for me as my grandfather was a devoted Superman fan and adored George Reeves.  I think what I love about this episode as well is that Reeves wasn’t allowed to be “George Reeves as Superman” but Superman the person.

What are your favorite episodes?


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