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Interview with Rifftrax Alum Kevin Murphy

Alongside my review of Rifftrax Live! Night of the Living Dead, I was fortunate to talk to Kevin Murphy, one of the riffers and all-around awesome guy.  Here is a sample of my interview.  The rest can be found at Cinema Sentries for your Halloween enjoyment!

In honor of Halloween, Rifftrax is performing their popular live show with the 1968 George Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead.  I was able to sit down with Kevin Murphy, Mr. Tom Servo himself, and ask him what fans can expect in the way of laughs and scares, as well as thoughts on the art of “riffing” itself.

You’ve done several of these before and I’ve watched almost all of them; they’re hilarious!

Well, thank you!

I’m a huge fan of the track for House on Haunted Hill, which was my favorite!  What is it about Night of the Living Dead that makes it worthy of taking on?

A lot of people remember the film as a pioneer of this kind of film – veritae, black and white, jarring, gruesome, very stark – and when you go back and see it in the context of today’s world of imaging and torture porn, it seems almost innocent and kind of corny, so it’s fun to go back and look at it.  I think the film still is a ground-breaking film, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it.




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