Veronica Inductees for November 2013


Another leading lady joins the pantheon of Veronica Inductees, and this one is a sparkplug!  I devoted a whole week to her as part of my July Five, and she’s certainly pulled herself up by her bootstraps.  Think you know who this month’s Hall of Fame inductee is?


Your little shop girl, and mine, Joan Crawford has entered the pantheon of leading ladies who have won a Veronica!  Joan got a whole week of reviews as part of my inaugural July Five, and while her movies aren’t all winners, she gives the best performances possible.  The five performances I felt were worthy of inductee are: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Mildred Pierce, The Women, Possessed, and Humoresque.  You can find her full write-up, including links to all my Crawford reviews, in the Veronicas section via the link at the top of the screen.  You’ll also find the full slate of inductees as well as links to all my reviews of their work.

Congrats Joan, and till next month!



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