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News From the Lake for April 2nd, 2014


What’s up in this update?  News on a classic film, true-crime documentary that needs your help; some news to know for next week’s kick-off of the TCM Classic Film Festival, and what’s new from Warner Archive.

Classic Hollywood documentaries are rare nowadays, especially ones with an emphasis on crime.  Documentary filmmaker Theodore James is hoping to create a short film focused on the 2005 robbery of a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers stolen from the Judy Garland museum.  Details on the robbery are scarce but it was deemed an inside job and photos of a suspect were dispensed but nothing’s ever come to light leading to the ruby slippers whereabouts.  James’ doc, entitled Who Stole the Ruby Slippers plans to explore the crime, the leads, and hopefully capture any breaks in the case.  It’s looking for funding and you can help!  Their Kickstarter campaign closes in a few hours, but if you contribute you can obtain a copy of the finished film, a T-Shirt, and even a cool pair of ruby slipper sneakers!  To contribute to the Kickstarter click this link.

TCM Classic Film Festival

Old news to those with a Google alert for all things related to the TCM Classic Film Festival, but it appears Alan Arkin is set to receive the Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival interview with Robert Osborne.  This week saw the premiere of Eva Marie Saint Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival, which took place at last year’s event; the year before it was Kim Novak.  Arkin is also introduce a screening of his Oscar-winning performance in The Heart is a Lonely HunterAlan Arkin Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival debuts on TCM sometime next year (based on the last few interviews expect it around the time of the 2015 festival).  The interview is one of the key events I hope to experience next week!

New on DVD/Blu-ray

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Warner Archive: Norma Shearer is the lady of the week over at Warner Archive.  Two of her films are set for release: The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929) and Her Cardboard Lover (1942).  Interestingly enough, the 1937 remake of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, starring Joan Crawford, was released via Warner Archive a few weeks back.  If you’re interested in picking up either head over to


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