VL’s Top Posts of the Week


Shirley Temple was popular this week, but there were a few stray posts that you guys checked out this week. Sadly, Ms. Maggie McNamara was dethroned.

10. Old Hollywood Book Reviews: Veronica – The Autobiography of Veronica Lake  

9. Dr. Coppelius (1966) 

Whenever this movie airs I get a lot of traffic on my review. I’ve yet to rewatch this bizarre ballet, and I’m not eager to.

8. Curly Top (1935) 

The first of two Temple reviews gaining attention this week.


7. I’ll Be Seeing You (1944) 

Actually, Temple’s also in this! TCM aired this over the week if memory serves.



5. The Films of Jean Harlow: Suzy (1936) 

Here’s a review I hadn’t seen in awhile.

4. Heidi (1937) 

3. Song of the Thin Man (1947) 

Strangely, the only Nick and Nora post this week!

2. A Life Of Her Own (1950) 

1. Bright Eyes


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