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News From the Lake for December 10th, 2014



News in a nutshell: Heaps and heaps of DVD and Blu-ray news, December marathons planned for your favorite television stations, and what one independent classic film distributor is doing to bring even more films to you.

Flicker Alley, LLC

Flicker Alley has transformed into a diverse distributor of classic cinema, but they’re determined to bring even more to the masses. They’ve recently set up an Indiegogo campaign “to bring a host of unique, significant, and out-of-print classics from the Blackhawk Films Collection back into publication.” These films would be manufactured on-demand, and while they’ve already made their initial goal they’re hoping to reach a bit further for additional films. You can contribute and see the sweet prize they’re giving contributors at their campaign page. They’re campaigning until Monday, December 15th.


All you getTV viewers might want to stay in Friday as the rare Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank special airs at 7pm and 10pm ET. Friday also honors Frank Sinatra’s 99th birthday with showings of Suddenly (1954) and Pal Joey (1957). This will kick off a month of holiday related films and shows playing on the classic television station. December also boasts a Humphrey Bogart Christmas Day marathon and a 24-hour New Year’s Day musical marathon! The entire getTV schedule can be visited here.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

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Warner Archive: It may be Christmas-time but Warner Archive remains stuck at Halloween with their only classic film release this week, 1957’s The Black Scorpion, now in widescreen for the first time.

Fox Cinema Archives: Two new Fox manufactured on-demand titles are now available, both from 1936: Tyrone Power’s Lloyds of London and Alice Faye’s King of Burlesque.

Olive: Olive continues to pack January with new releases, this time putting out two titles previously released by MGM on Blu-ray for the first time: A Hole in the Head and Pork Chop Hill (both 1959). Both will be available to purchase January 27th.

Columbia Classics: After a three-month absence Sony’s Columbia Classics returns with Thunderhoof (1948), now available on DVD for the first time.

VCI: VCI is doubling up on their new releases – putting out G.I. Jane (1951) and Grand Canyon (1949) as a double feature on January 20th.

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