The Top Five Moments from the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival


The coverage has wrapped and it’s time to close the book on TCMFF 2015. It’s bittersweet realizing that nearly a year of anticipating and experiencing has come and gone, only to leave me planning for the next festival. I was beyond lucky during this year’s festival, more so than my inaugural attendance last year, as I probably had even more exciting things happen this year than last that it was hard to narrow things down to just five items. I decided to try out a video for this top five, so hopefully that’ll make it extra awesome. Feel free to share any memorable moments you experienced at the festival this year in the comments below.


6 replies

  1. This is awesome Kristen. Way to go on becoming a part of the TCMFF 2015. If they do post the video of Shirley McLaine panal you were at please share that. I never heard of Kiss Me Kate, but if you reccomended it. I’ll take a shot at it. The video is very cool. Keep doing a few of these updates.

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