Journeys in Classic Film Turns Four!


I’m a few days late on this post – technically my first post went live on November 11th – but I did take a few months off after those initial posts so this can stand to be a couple days late.

Wow, I can hardly believe this site is four years old. I’ve documented this time and again, but this started out as a grand experiment to see if I could even keep a blog running….cut to four years later and Journeys in Classic Film remains better than ever! (Although, had I known I’d be keeping the site for so long, I’d have thought of a better name.) I’ve made some great friends, met and interviewed fascinating people, got jobs (and a little money), as well as the chance to see some amazing films and read wonderful books, all because of this site. I always worry about burn-out, or that my reviews aren’t as good as they should be, but no one’s complained so far.

Journeys in Classic Film is my baby, and I intend to keep it running just as long as I can! Happy anniversary!



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