The Lake Update for April

As you’re reading this I’ll be winging my way down to cover the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival for another year as press. You’ll want to check out my coverage both here and at Culturess where I’ll be posting as many reviews and photos as I can without dying from exhaustion. After I return I’ll be posting audio on new episodes of Ticklish Business, even more photos, and actual written reviews of the films I saw.

You’ll probably notice writing on the site is down to a crawl, and at this point I’m focusing on quality as opposed to quantity. As I’ve started writing for other outside projects my actual film consumption has decreased across the board. Instead of sticking to a regular schedule and perfunctorily writing, I’ll be focusing on writing reviews of films when I can to deliver you fresh content. I’m still hoping to get more Kristen Recasts posts and other things, so please be sure to keep coming back to the site.

It’s time for another year of TCMFF, everyone! If you’re a fan of the site, don’t hesitate to stop by and ask why the heck I’m not writing as much!


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