Films of Jean Harlow

Dinner at Eight (1933)

Today’s film is adapts the successful stage play directed by George Cukor.  It’s a Who’s Who of actors telling a story about the society…and yet I was left bored.  I’m all for high-society ensemble films but Dinner at Eight is like a long-winded play filled with characters I had little […]

Harlow (1965) – Part Two

Last November, I covered the first 1965 biopic about Jean Harlow (also titled Harlow) starring Carol Lynley.  If you’d like to read that review, you can do so here.  Being made for television and filmed in black and white, that film wasn’t the best known of the Harlow biopics.  This […]

Top 10 Favorite Movies of the 1930s

I figured I’d do something a little different in today’s entry and do a list…my first of hopefully many.  I started with a list of my ten favorite movies of the 1930s.  Again, these aren’t “the best” or “must-sees” they’re my favorites.  And favorite is a loose word as I […]

The Films of Jean Harlow: Suzy (1936)

Well it seems Wife vs. Secretary was a fluke because another weak movie today.  It’s not that Suzy’s bad, it just doesn’t know if it wants to be a war film with spies and intrigue, or a Jean Harlow romance.  Sure the movie follows Harlow’s character, the aforementioned Suzy, but […]