Veronica Inductees for February 2015

Apologies for the delay in bestowing more Veronicas on worthy actors. But the timing couldn’t be more perfect because these two new entrants are the cream of the crop. One is a legend and the other is a legendary character actor. Can you guess who’s going into the Hall of Fame? Advertisements

Veronica Inductees for October 2014

Two new stars have been deemed worthy enough to win Veronicas this month: one of whom is an icon in almost every genre of film, and the other is the most beautiful woman of the Golden Era. Who nabbed a spot in the Hall of Fame? As always, you can visit the Veronicas section at…

Veronica Inductees for June 2014

The last time two people were inducted into the Veronicas Hall of Fame was back in November.  For fear of overloading on leading lady winners, I decided to wait till I had both an actor and actress to induct.  It took a few months, but I’m happy to award two people with Veronicas!

Veronica Inductees for November 2013

Another leading lady joins the pantheon of Veronica Inductees, and this one is a sparkplug!  I devoted a whole week to her as part of my July Five, and she’s certainly pulled herself up by her bootstraps.  Think you know who this month’s Hall of Fame inductee is?

Veronica Inductees for October 2013

Another month and another star joins the Veronicas.  I swear I’m unbiased to actresses, but so many of them are standing out in such amazing work.  This month’s winner should have been there from the get-go, but it took awhile to find five films worthy of the award itself. This month’s Veronica Winner is…..MS. BETTE…