Leading Man Tournament

And the Winner Is…

    The first Journeys in Classic Film Leading Man Tournament officially comes to a close!  It’s been a long road filled with shock and surprises but eventually we came down to two actors representing two distinct eras of machismo.  Sadly, only one can be declared a winner and thankfully […]

Leading Man Tournament Update

    Wow there’s been quite a bit of voting going on in the first two days of this tournament.  Seventeen votes so far which could be a record in the history of this tourney (in terms of most votes so quickly).  There’s definitely a clear-cut frontrunner and really it’s […]

Leading Man Tournament: FINALS

We’re finally here at the end of our Leading Man journey.  Next Sunday one of these two men will be labeled “The Ultimate Leading Man!”  It’s been a long road but we finally have a contender from the 1940s symbolizing the classic leading man and a contender from the 1980s […]