The Month in Film: December 2013

For some reason this was published earlier than I expected so if you’re wondering why it looks half-done that’s because it is.  I’m considering changes to this in the future, possibly eliminating it altogether.  So, what do you guys think?  Will you tear your hair out if The Month In Film is discontinued?  Any changes…

The Month in Film: November 2013

It’s been a crazy month, filled with movies both good and terrible.  My film watching output decreased due to finals as well as my attempts to keep up with contemporary films.  If you missed a review, or just want to know what I’ve been watching, here’s the list!  Clickable links will take you to any…

The Month in Film: October 2013

School is inching to a close, but amidst midterms and papers it’s been a pretty slow month for moving watching.  I watched about a movie a day, which is weak for me.  If you missed out on any of my reviews, click the handy links and you can catch up on my month in film.

The Month in Film: September 2013

I’ll be tweaking the Month in Film, partly for my own sanity and also to limit the amount of scrolling.  Essentially, this will serve as a recap of the blog/my reviews for the month, as well as a catch-up if you’ve missed anything.

The Month in Film: August 2013

The last month of pure, unadulterated movie watching!  It’s been fun, but at least I went out with a bang!  I watched fewer movies than I did in July, but I reviewed quite a few of them as part of my Summer Under the Stars series.  As always, if you missed one of my reviews…

My Month in Film: July 2013

Wow, July was an insane month for movie watching!  I watched over 50 films in the span of 30 days, and I’m exhausted.  Here’s what I spent all my time watching.  Links will take you to any write-up I’ve done on that film.

The Month in Film: June 2013

Wow, if you thought I watched a lot of movies in May, I was able to squeeze in an additional two in June!  My movie watching was diverse, and while I didn’t review everything I discovered far more good movies than bad.  As always, any links in this article will take you to my reviews…