My Movie Wishlist

The Month in Film: May 2013

Wow, school didn’t end till the last week of May and I still found time to watch almost fifty movies in a month!  If that’s not a blog record, I don’t know what is.  Several of the movies I watched were box sets, which I’m sure upped my intake. Advertisements

My Movie Wish List: Part Two

  So sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I was visiting relatives and figured I’d have all this free-time to watch movies and blog…when has that ever worked out?  Since I didn’t watch any movies worth blogging (and I’m working my way through several books to review) I […]

My Movie Wishlist: Part One

Any film buff, either classic or contemporary, knows the adage: Too many movies, too little money (I might have coined that myself just now).  With that I’ve decided to share with you the films on my ample Amazon Wish List.  This will be a recurring thing as my list is […]