Reader Request

You Can’t Take It With You (1938)

I’m a terrible person for just now watching You Can’t Take It With You considering it was voted as the number one film you readers requested I write about. With that, this is a wacky blend of screwball comedy with social satire with hilariously endearing performances by its ensemble cast. […]

Poll Updates for Today

Today’s mid-day post is all about polls!  There’s two polls I wanted to comment on so let’s start with the one everyone seems to have forgotten about.  We got 19 votes for the latest Reader Request poll and boy was that a dogfight.  Here are the results:

Cape Fear (1962) – Reader Request

Thanks everyone for voting in the first Reader Request poll (that’s what I’m labeling these reviews).  By a vote of five, the readers requested a review of the 1962 film Cape Fear.  Cape Fear is one of my favorite movies, and my second favorite Robert Mitchum film (my favorite being […]