Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

  I believe I’ve mentioned this in previous reviews but several factors have to coalesce for a comedy to withstand the test of time.  A film like Sullivan’s Travels still works due to its universal themes and the lack of any type of technology or terminology that would date it. […]

Captain Blood (1935)

It’s easy to see where Pirates of the Caribbean (the film not the ride) got their inspiration; from Errol Flynn and Captain Blood.  I’m not a fan of pirate adventure films but I wanted a better grasp of Flynn’s background considering the rabid fan base that got him the win […]

Logan’s Run (1976)

I appear to be in a “late-70s” movie trend if you count today and yesterday’s review of Marathon Man.  In a way, Marathon Man and Logan’s Run are similar.  Both create worlds of violence hidden by disinterest, both analyze religion, and both force a man to confront everything he knows […]

Cape Fear (1962) – Reader Request

Thanks everyone for voting in the first Reader Request poll (that’s what I’m labeling these reviews).  By a vote of five, the readers requested a review of the 1962 film Cape Fear.  Cape Fear is one of my favorite movies, and my second favorite Robert Mitchum film (my favorite being […]